Nature:Human - Child of Tree

beyond this point collaborates with percussionist, Matthew Duvall on a project exploring the relationship of humans to the natural world with soundscapes by students of Merit School of Music.

Friday @ 7:30 pm

Chicago, IL, United States

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38 South Peoria Street
Chicago, IL 60607
United States
(312) 786-9428
(312) 786-9428

An investigation of the relationship of humans to the natural world, this evening-length program brings together a set of repertoire that connects the performers to the base materials of percussion–woods, skins, metals, water, stones, seeds–through staged interactions. Paul Lansky’s Threads serves as the framework of a journey through a program including works by Matthew Burtner, Toro Takemitsu, Juri Seo, John Cage (Child of Tree), Erik Griswold, and Richard Reed Parry. Excerpted material from lectures by Alan Watts–perhaps the foremost interpreter of Eastern philosophy for the contemporary West–serves as a guiding voice in a program designed to create space for audiences to consider and explore their own connection with the external environment.  The program runs approximately 70 minutes and is followed by a post-show reception.