BTP Presents François Sarhan

Dreams, and why not? is a new lecture-performance created by French composer François Sarhan, and performed by Beyond This Point with special guest Jennifer Torrence.

Friday @ 8:00 pm

Chicago, IL, United States

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Venue Info

1650 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614
United States
(312) 335-1650
(312) 335-1650

The border between a lecture and a performance is anything but rigid. Dreams, and why not? consciously and continuously breaks the frontier between reality and fiction, between facts and fabrications, both musical and performative. Starting from a simple presentation of musical instruments and their possibilities, things quickly drift toward a world where songs last one second, the instruments and the body merge, and the lecturer loses control over the lecture.

The final destination is the state of a lucid dream, where reality and fiction combine, and where the borders between music, text, meaning, sound, and image dissolve.