Frequency Series

beyond this point is joined by Matthew Duvall of Eighth Blackbird for an evening celebrating the numerous, varied approaches to percussion performance. The program’s first half features a collection of immersive, contemplative, and powerful works that explore the very substance of what defines the world of percussion: the base materials (stone, seed, metal, skin, cactus, wood) activated to musical purpose. The second half features Mauricio Kagel’s wildly absurd Dressur, a half-hour trio utilizing over 50 instruments and non-instruments--creating sound of theater and theater out of sound.

Sunday @ 8:30 pm

Chicago, IL, United States

Venue Info

3111 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
United States
Line-up for the show
(no pauses between pieces, only break during intermission)
Matthew Burtner – Mists
John Cage – Branches (perhaps beginning overlapping performances, four players x 8’ = 24’ but rate of overlapping will adjust time accommodate other repertoire and conclude in some relation to the start of Spill)
Mark Applebaum – Catfish
Yu-Hui Chang – Binge Delirium
(overlapping Branches end sometime after Chang, crossfade into Spill)
Erik Griswold – Spill
Joseph Celli – (Snare) Drum for Camus
David Lang – Composition as Explanation #6
Mauricio Kagel – Dressur