Live from WFMT

beyond this point featured as a part of Fulcrum Point New Music's presentation on Live from WFMT.

Monday @ 8:00 pm

Chicago, IL, United States

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WFMT-FM (Chicago) Chicago, IL 60611
United States

Fulcrum Point New Music Project Stephen Burns, Artistic Director/trumpet
Kuang Hao Huang, piano
John Corkill, percussion
Ross LaFleur, guitar and percussion
Alex Monroe, percussion
Sean Conners, percussion
Ayanna Woods, piano/guitar/voice
Eddie Burns, drums

Founder and Artistic Director Stephen Burns returns to the Levin Performance Studio with the Fulcrum Point New Music Project with works of emerging American composers.

Since 1998, Fulcrum Point has challenged the Chicago music scene to explore the adventurous possibilities of music. We offer our unwavering support to new music composers through multimedia performances and commissioning of new works. Our educational programs help aspiring composers and curious minds explore new facets of themselves and their musical expression. Through engaging this broad spectrum of art forms and artists, Fulcrum Point speaks to our time.  Our founding mission is to find insight into today’s diverse world through the connections of music, culture, and creative expression.