The Little Match Girl Passion

Alex Monroe from beyond this point will be joining the Chicago Chamber Choir this Sunday in performing David Lang's breathtaking work the little match girl passion with proceeds to benefit Care For Real in Edgewater.

Saturday @ 8:00 pm

Chicago, IL, United States

Free (donations accepted at door) Ticket Price

Venue Info

5749 North Kenmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660
United States
(773) 271-2727
(773) 271-2727
An extraordinary work, David Lang’s the little match girl passion explores the Hans Christian Andersen story of the same name. As a community, we experience this story in a narrative form modeled on J.S. Bach’s passions. The suffering of the ‘match girl’ is transfigured; is elevated and transformed into hope. It asks both singers and audience to reflect on the suffering of all those who are vulnerable in our society. It encourages us to come face to face with the sorrow and suffering of others, and to consider how we might respond. We perform this masterpiece of the 21st century in support of Care for Real, which serves the Edgewater neighborhood.