We’ve been waiting patiently, and beyond this point has finally been granted not-for-profit status!!  Two exclamation points you say?  Yes; two.  One to represent the thrill of each of our two founding members.  Or possibly because we consumed so much coffee researching and filling out forms for the past two months that more exclamations points just give that added buzz of excitement!!!  The best way of describing it would be the feeling of getting bumped up to first-class for a flight!  You know you can stretch your feet out a little more so you can prepare for the long and exciting trip ahead.

What does this momentous occasion mean to our supporters (besides a dance party until all hours of the night)?  If you ever want to donate to our mission or give us some cash for our projects, you not only get our sincerest thanks, you are legally allowed to write your contribution off on your taxes.  You read that correctly.  You can donate to the creation of experimental art, and in some weird way through means of the IRS, make money (or at least potentially get some money back on your tax return :).

If you are as excited as we are and want to try out this new donation system, we have provided a link below to our paypal for donations.  For all of you cautious and well-researched supporters, we are happy to explain how to help you write this off for your taxes.  Trust us when we say that we have become VERY educated in the not-for-profit world, and we can answer most questions that come to mind.