ATC Residency

It was a dark, cold, and rainy September night.  It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.  The phone rang twice and…. We got picked for what?!!
Ok, that first part may have not totally happened as described, but we were definitely surprised (and honored) to find out that our show corporel : having a body has been picked up for the American Theater Company’s CORE Residency Program.  Especially after getting through a successful, but admittedly stressful first run at the Humility Gallery in Pilsen.
In any case, we are stuffing our cars with gear and headed north!  We are looking forward to having a full week of time in a venue with loads of space, a full functioning lighting rack, and the luxury of not having to strike down another show before we can even start moving into the theater space (which is a very true story).
Starting September 20th, we will be workshopping and refining the different elements of our show that will culminate in a performance on Monday, September 26 at 7pm.  We hear that there are rumblings of a presidential debate that may be occurring at the same time, but c’mon, the only real debate is how many friends you should bring to check out this show 😉  Plus that is why you spend the big bucks on TiVo or OnDemand, right?